Middleby China food processing department provides a complete set of comprehensive food processing systems for meat products and baking production. A global manufacturing, sales and technical support network to meet the growing demand for advanced technology in food production.

As an industry leader, it provides a wide range of patented technologies and integrated system solution product portfolio for large enterprises and small manufacturers to realize the optimal value of equipment performance and product output. Our patented preparation technology, food processing technology, thermal processing technology, baking technology and packaging technology can meet various needs of retail industry and food service industry at the same time, covering the process from raw material preparation, production to packaging of end products.

Name:Zhao Xiaohui
Mobile:+86 177 1749 4188 Tel:021-3323 9977
Address: room 105-109, building 1, Hansheng Science Park, No. 3888, humin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Zip code:201108