Middleby (NASDAQ: MIDD) is a leading global manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, residential kitchen equipment, and food processing and handling equipment. The three business segments together have more than 100 world-renowned brands. Founded in 1888 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Middleby employs more than 10,000 employees worldwide and has set up more than 100 sales locations and plants in more than 150 countries and territories.

Middleby Group has been named to the Forbes 2021 list of the world’s best employers. Tim FitzGerald, CEO of Middleby Group, said, “We are delighted to be recognized on the Forbes 2021 list of the world's best employers. Our employees are our greatest asset and our company culture is the heart of Middleby. We have the best team of the top brands in the industry. We work hard and put our customers first, but having fun at Middleby is also part of our work life. Our employees are the key reason for our success, and this honor is shared by everyone at Middleby”.

Middleby China Introduction

Middleby Shanghai

Established in 2000, Middleby China group has two production bases in Qingdao and Zhuhai. Headquartered in Shanghai, Middleby group is mainly responsible for R & D, production, marketing and after-sales service in China. In the past 15 years, Middleby China Group has served hundreds of well-known brands in the catering industry and established a good market image.

Middleby Qingdao

Middleby catering equipment (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Qingdao meidebi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of commercial electromagnetic kitchen equipment and one of the earliest pioneers in the domestic market. The company is also a leader in the concept of green heating industry in China, and takes the lead in putting forward the concept of "green kitchen" (eco-kitchen) in the industry.

Middleby Zhuhai

Middleby catering equipment (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai, covering an area of 9000 square meters. Its products include sandwich machine, electric oven, chain toaster, hot dog machine, electric grill, heating equipment, gas oven, gas stove, fryer, surface stove, oven, etc.

Taylor China

Taylor is a manufacturer of frozen beverage equipment, soft ice cream machines and automatic double-sided frying ovens. We aim to produce high-quality catering equipment and customize solutions for customers through professional technology. Taylor's fate with China can be traced back to 2007 in order to provide more considerate services to Chinese customers.

Development history

  • 1995Middleby Philippines established
  • 2000Middleby Founding of China
  • 2015Middleby China acquires Qingdao Starker
  • 2019Middleby Relocation of Qingdao and merger with Taylor China
  • 2020Middleby The 20th anniversary of China; Middleby China acquires Thor in Zhuhai